JA03 location and registration desk

The conference will take place in the mathematics building of Graz University (Heinrichstraße 36) and a building adjacent to it (Universitätsstraße 2-4), numbers 7 and 6 respectively on the campus map below.

The plenary talks will be in room 12.11, the contributed talks in rooms 11.01, 11.02, 11.03, 12.01, 12.11. All lecture rooms have large blackboards and an overhead projector. For the plenary talks, two overhead projectors are provided. Speakers desiring additional equipment (beamer, another overhead projector or a slide projector) are asked to contact the conference office a few hours beforehand.

From Mon. July 7 through Fri. July 11 the registration desk is in the mathematics building (Heinrichstrasse 36, ground floor, outside room 11.02).
Hours of operation: Monday: 8.00 - 18.00;
Tuesday - Friday: 8.30 - 9.00 and during coffee breaks.
On Sunday, July 6, the conference registration desk is at the Kolpinghaus dormitory (Adolf-Kolping-Gasse 4-6) 17:00 - 23:00, where the conference organizers will be doing duty as Kolpinghaus receptionists. (There will be some light refreshments.)

4DUniversity Restaurant (Resowi Cafeteria) for Lunch
6Universitätsstraße 2-4, Lecture Rooms 12.01 and 12. 11
7Heinrichstraße 36, Lecture Rooms 11.01, 11.02 and 11.03
MBus Stop "Mozartgasse" (bus 30 and 58)
UBus Stop "Universität" (bus 41 and 63)
RBus Stop "UNI-ReSoWi" (bus 39)

Getting to the conference

From Graz Hauptbahnhof train station to the conference: Take bus number 58 or 63 (leaving from the same stop, on your left as you walk out of the train station by the main exit).
Bus 58 (to Mariagrün): get off at “Mozartgasse”. The mathematics building is a few steps ahead, on the same side of the street (Heinrichstraße 36, building with narrow vertical slot-like windows). The entrance is on the other side.
Bus 63 (to Eisteichsiedlung): get off at “Attemsgasse” or “Universität”; from Attemsgasse stop, cross the street (Goethestaße), follow Attemsgasse to its dead end, and continue in a straight line on campus. The “Universität” bus stop is in front of the University's main building, where there is a campus map. Look for the mathematics (and geography and english) building.

From Kolpinghaus dormitory, Jakominiplatz or Hauptplatz to the conference: Take streetcar number 4 or 5 (to Andritz) and get off at “Keplerbrücke”. There change to bus number 58 (to Mariagrün) or 63 (to Eisteichsiedlung), see above.
You can also take bus number 39 (direction to Liebiggasse) from Jakominiplatz to the University (getting off at Uni-RESOWI), but this bus may not run on weekends, and will have long intervals (15min) during summer.

Kolpinghaus dormitory location and check-in

If you have reserved a dormitory room, you can check into Kolpinghaus (Adolf-Kolping-Gasse 4-6) on Sunday, July 6 between 5pm and 11pm. If you are arriving Saturday July 5, you can check into Kolpinghaus between 4pm and 10pm on Saturday. (Note that there will be no breakfast served in Kolpinghaus on Sunday.) During the week (Mon-Fri) the front desk at Kolpinghaus should be staffed between 8am and 8pm. (Kolpinghaus Phone: +43(316) 829470-0, Fax: +43(316) 829470-560).

Getting to Kolpinghaus dormitory

To Kolpinghaus dormitory from the train station or Jakominiplatz: From the train station take (during the day) streetcar number 3 or 6 or (after 7pm) streetcar 1 to Mariatrost or 7 to St.Leonhard/LKH and get off at Hauptplatz or Jakominiplatz.
From Hauptplatz or Jakominiplatz take stretcar number 4 (to Liebenau) or 5 (to Puntigam) and get off at “Finanzamt” (should be the next stop after Jakominiplatz). On your right is Adolf-Kolping-Gasse; the Koplinghaus dormitory is at Adolf-Kolping-Gasse 4-6.

Public transportation in Graz

Unfortunately, the public transportation system in Graz switches to "holiday schedule" (Ferienfahrplan) for the summer on July 5, which means that hours of operation will be shorter, and the intervals between busses/streetcars longer than usual. Consult the schedules posted at bus and streetcar stops.


Single ride: Euro 1.60; sold on streetcars and busses (by the driver); valid for 1 hour on any combination of streetcars, busses or trains in the zone of Graz (which also contains Graz Thalerhof airport).

10-ride: Euro 12.40; valid for 10 rides (1 hour each) in the zone of Graz; available at (almost) any “Trafik” (tobacconist), at the train station, from the ticket machine at the bus stop outside the airport and at GVB ticket offices, see below. It is essential that you punch the 10 fields on the ticket in the order as marked, starting with field 1. Once field 10 is punched, the whole ticket is invalidated. (The reason for this is: the tickets are valid in all of Styria, which is divided into fare zones; one punch at field 10 on an otherwise empty 10-ride buys a trip spanning 10 zones.)

7-day-ticket: Euro 7.90; valid on 7 consecutive days (midnight to midnight) starting on the day it is punched, transferrable; available at the train station, from the ticket machine at the bus stop outside the airport, at some Trafiken (tabacconists) and at GVB ticket offices, see below.

Ticket offices

You can get any kind of GVB (Graz public transportation) ticket at

Hauptplatz 14 GVB-office (next to Landesreisebureau) Mon-Fri 8-17
Jakominiplatz GVB-office in the round glass building, Mon-Fri 6-18:30, Sat/Sun 7-23:30;

On Jakominiplatz you can also buy a map of Graz with all busses and streetcar lines marked for Euro 1.80. (Not to be confused with the schematic map of public transportation in Graz (on a much larger scale), which is available free, but doesn't contain steet names.)

Online Maps of Graz

(You can see a larger version (158 KB))

Searchable map of Graz provided by the municipality of Graz (in german). Search by streetname (Straßen) or hotel name (Hotels). Diacritics can be entered as "ae" for "ä", "oe" for "ö", "ue" for "ü" and "ss" for "ß" or by cut-and-paste from a webpage. The conference location can be found by searching for "Heinrichstrasse 36" under Straßen.
Map of Graz provided by Graztourism. Click on map to zoom in. The conference location is in squares A 5-6, the center of town in B-C 4, the train station in B 1, and Kolpinghaus dormitory in the top right corner of square E4.